The Man, the Serpent, and the Fox

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A hunter saved a serpent, which was almost crushed under a huge stone. On being released, the serpent said he was hungry and would eat the hunter. The man replied, “How can you be so ungrateful as to kill the person who saved your life?”

The serpent refused to listen to him. They decided to ask other animals to resolve this.

On the way, they met a greyhound who said, “My master ill-treats me though I have served him for years. So the serpent is justified in eating the hunter.” They met a horse who supported the serpent as well.

Finally, they met a fox. The fox thought awhile and asked the serpent to show him how and where he was buried. Thinking that he had already won the case, the excited serpent slipped into the hole. The fox then quickly lifted the stone and placed it on the serpent saving the hunter’s life.

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