The Man from the Sky

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There was a man who was always fooling others. One day, he meta lady. She asked him, “Who are you?” He said, Don’t you know me? I have conic from the sky!’

She believed him and happily asked him if he had met her husband who had (lied recently. He answered, “Oh, I meet him all the time! But madam, he is in a very bad condition!” The lady was worried. “What happened to my husband?” she asked. The man replied, “He has not found a job and cannot earn a living. So he has no money and is very poor!”

The lady agreed to pack some food and clothes for her husband to send along with this man from the sky. But he said, “No! They won’t allow that and I will be caught and punished for doing so. However, I can sneak in some money and give it to him if you want!” Saying this, he tricked the foolish woman and walked away with all her money.

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