The Man and The Elephant

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A man sat on an elephant. He was going to the river for a bath. On the way he felt hungry. There was a coconut in his bag. “I shall eat the coconut,” said the man.

The man opened his bag. He took out the coconut. “But how shall I break it open?”  he said. “It is so hard.”

The man looked around. “I know what to do,” he said. “The elephant’s head is hard too. I shall break open the coconut on the elephant’s head.”

The man lifted the coconut. He hit it hard on the elephant’s head. The coconut broke. The man ate the coconut. He was happy.

But the elephant was not happy. He was very angry. He did not like to be hit with a coconut. It had hurt him. He said, “I shall teach this selfish man a lesson.”

They came to the river. The man got down from the elephant. He had a bath in the river. Then he put on clean white clothes.

The elephant too had a bath in the river. Then he filled his trunk with muddy water. He went to the man. `Whoosh!’ He threw all the muddy water on the man. All his nice and new clothes were spoilt.

“Oh what shall I do? The man said. “All my clothes are spoilt. I am sorry I hurt the elephant. I shall never hurt him again.”

The man went to the elephant. He put his hand on the elephant’s trunk. He said, “Sorry, my friend. I shall never hurt you again.”

The elephant sat down. The man got on the elephant’s back. Then the elephant took the man home.

The elephant was not angry any more. He and the man were friends again.

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