The Magic Turtle

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Whenever Han was very sad or very happy he played his flute. Today he was very sad for lie had got his school report and he had not done well at all! He knew his mother would be very angry. He wished he had listened to her when she told him to study hard. He sat on the riverbank wondering how to tell his  mother about it. “Why are you looking so glum?” Hari heard a voice. When he looked up he saw a huge turtle swimming towards him. Hari narrated his plight. “So I’ve decided not to show my report to my mother,” he concluded. “That’s not the right thing to do. You must tell your mother the truth and promise her that you’ll do better next time. It’s never too late to mend your ways,” said the turtle. “And don’t worry,” continued the turtle. “I am a magical turtle. I’ll help you in your studies. But only if you play  the flute for me every evening.” Hari was delighted to hear this. He promised to come to the river every day. The two became friends forever.

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