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The Magic Spell

Bill and Crosby were two naughty boys who were always up to some mischief. One evening, they got together to create a magic spell. Bill added his dirty socks and six dead lizards, while Crosby poured a magic potion into the boiling water in the cauldron. Suddenly a huge cloud of smoke bellowed towards Bill’s face and lo! his nose was replaced by an elephant’s trunk. “Mikes!” screamed Bill in horror. He rushed into his room and searched the Internet for help. One web site read Bill clicked on the link and read the instructions, “To undo a bad spell, you have to be a good boy. Be nice to everyone and never make mischief.” Bill and Crosby swore never to be naughty again and quietly went to bed. The next morning Bill was scared to get up from bed. Slowly he raised his head from the covers and looked at the mirror. Hurrah! The elephant’s trunk was gone and he had got back his nose.

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