The Magic Snowman

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It was very cold. One morning when Sara woke up and looked outside, there was snow everywhere. “Hey! Henry, look! It’s all white outside,” she shouted to her brother who woke up with a jerk. He rushed to where Sara was standing and said, “Let’s go out and make a snowman today.” Henry and Sara loved playing in the snow. They quickly ate their breakfast and ran out. Sara Picked up some black currants from the kitchen for the snowman’s eyes, a moon shaped tomato piece for his lips and a red cherry for the nose. Once they had finished making the snowman, Sara said,” He looks very good. I wish shrugging his shoulders. “Let’s call Mom,” suggested Sara excitedly. Henry agreed and as they turned around to go inside, Sara felt a cold touch on her shoulder. Startled, she turned around and saw the snowman standing right behind her. “I’m a magic snowman, dear,” said the snowman winking his eyes and hugged the children.

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