The Magic Jar

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One day, a group of Tinguian huntsmen went out hunting with their dogs. In the forest, they unleashed their dogs and each hunter went his own way. After sometime, they heard a fierce howl and ran to see what had happened. They found one of the dogs holding a huge jar, but when the hunters tried to take it from the dog, the jar disappeared. They ran after the jar but they were not able to catch it.

A while later, tired and exhausted, the hunters sat under a tree. Soon, they heard a voice say, “To get the jar, you have to get the blood of a pig that has no youngone.” They found the blood of a pig and the jar appeared again. But just as they tried to grab it the jar escaped into the dark cave. The men ran behind it and entered the cave but could not manage to find the jar in the darkness.

To this day, the Tinguian tribes believe that a magic jar, named Magsawi, can be found in that cave.

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