The Lute Player

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During a war. the enemy captured the king. They asked his queen to pay a ransom if she wanted her husband back.

One day, a lute player came to the enemy king’s court and began to play. The king loved the music so much that he said. “You can ask for anything and I shall give it to you!” The lute player said, “Give me the captured king as my slave!” The enemy agreed and king was set free.

Soon. the lute player and the slave king left the palace and after some distance. the lute player set him free. The king returned to his kingdom and said. “When I was a slave the queen did not care! I shall kill her!” Saying this, he marched into his bedroom. But. lie heard the strains of beautiful lute music. He then saw his queen playing the lute and understood who the mysterious lute player was.

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