The Loveliest Rose in the World

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A beautiful queen grew only roses in her garden. Yellow, white, pink and red, they dotted her garden and spread their sweet fragrance all around.

One day, ‘the queen fell very sick. Many doctors were called. “Bring her the loveliest rose. It is the symbol of the purest and brightest love on earth,” said all. The queen’s courtiers searched the entire earth but could not find any such rose.

Meanwhile, the queen’s health only worsened day by day and she neared her end.

Then one day, the queen’s little son showed her a book that he had just read. He read out the lines from the book and said, “Mother, here is the man whose love was so great that he suffered death to save mankind.” A rosy hue spread across the queen’s cheeks as she listened to the lines. As soon as she laid her eyes on the book, she saw the vision of Jesus springing forth like a red rose.

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