The Louse and the Flea

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Once upon a time a little louse and a tiny flea lived together in a house. One day, the louse fell into an oven and was burnt to death. At this, the flea was devastated and began to cry loudly.

The kitchen door asked the flea why he was crying. “My friend, the little louse has burnt to death,” replied the flea and wept and wept. Hearing this sad tale the door began to creak. Next to it was a broomstick, which asked the door why it was making such a noise. “The louse has died and the flea is crying,” replied the door. On hearing this, the broom was also heartbroken and began sweeping the floor violently.

A cart, which was passing by, heard the commotion and asked the broom the reason for the chaos. Hearing the broom’s tale, it wheeled rapidly across the fields. Seeing the cart dashing towards it, a pile of hay immediately stopped the cart. The cart narrated the entire story. Heartbroken, the haystack burst into flames.

Meanwhile, a tree standing next to the haystack also heard the story and shed its leaves in sorrow. Just then, a girl was passing by with a water pitcher and asked the tree what the matter was. It told her the sad tale. Shocked, the girl broke into tears. Her pitcher fell down and the water flowed into the river.

The river heard the water’s tale and gushed so violently that the flea, the door, the broomstick, the cart, the haystack, the tree, the girl and the water pitcher all drowned in it.

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