The Lonely Tree

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The short tree was sad and lonely. All the other trees around her were tall and elegant. They had many visitors like, chirpy sparrows and fuzzy squirrels. No one visited the short tree. She longed for a friend. One day, she heard an unmelodious tone. She looked around and found a woodpecker singing blissfully. “Will you stop singing?” she asked the woodpecker. “I entertain everybody with my sweet voice, and you are asking me not to sing,” the woodpecker

shot back. “You have an appalling voice,” said the tree. The woodpecker was shocked! Nobody had ever told him that. Tears welled up in his eyes as he explained, “I am a lonely woodpecker and I thought if I entertain people they would be my friend.” The short tree felt sorry. “Will you be my friend?” she asked. “Sure!” said the woodpecker, “but you have to let me stay on your short branch.” “And you have to stop singing!” said the short tree. The two became great friends and lived happily ever after.

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