The Lonely Monkey

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A little brown monkey lived all by himself on a tiny desert island near the sea. He was very lonely as there was no one to play with him.

One day, a fish who was swimming by, saw the monkey sitting alone in one part of the island and told him to follow him to another island nearby where he could make lots of friends.

The monkey tried to swim but did not like being wet. A pelican tried to teach him to fly but that was too difficult for him. Finally, the monkey decided to chop down all the trees to make a raft. But a turtle hearing him said that it was a silly idea as then there would be nothing left for anyone to eat. The turtle offered to take the monkey on its back across the sea but the monkey was too big for him. Finally, the turtle’s great-grandfather carried the monkey on its back to the other island. The monkey was very happy because he found lots of monkeys there and knew that he would never be lonely again.

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