The Lonely Lion

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While roaming the forest, a lion met a woodcutter and his lovely daughter. The lion demanded that the woodcutter give his daughter in marriage to him or he would kill him. The woodcutter was unwilling to agree to the lion’s wish but he was afraid of refusing him and losing his life. He thought of a plan to rid himself of the lion.

The woodcutter told the lion he was ready to accept him as his son-in-law but had one condition. The woodcutter told the lion he would pull out his teeth and cut his claws so that his daughter would not be afraid of her husband. The foolish lion consented to the woodcutter’s suggestion. Now the lion was toothless and didn’t have any claws either.

When he expressed his wish to marry the beautiful daughter, the woodcutter was no longer frightened of the lion. He took his club and drove away the lion into the forest and found a suitable match for his daughter.

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