The Little Shepherd Boy

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Eric was a little shepherd boy. Every morning he would take his flock of sheep and sit under a tree. He would see the village boys going to school. “I wish I could go to school like them,” Eric often thought longingly but he knew that his father could not afford to send him to school. One day a young boy of his age came up to Eric and asked, “Friend, why don’t you go to school rather than sitting under this tree all day?” Eric burst into tears and told him about his plight.” on’t worry, 1*11 ask my father to help you to go to school,” said the young boy and left. Early next morning Eric came and sat under the tree as usual watching his sheep graze. He waited anxiously for his new friend. Suddenly Eric !.-‘felt a soft touch on his shoulder. He looked back and saw a man standing behind him. “Son. I’m Henry’s father. Henry told me about you. You’ll be going with Eric to school from next week,” said the man with a smile and hugged Eric.



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