A little Rose plant lived inside a dark damp room. One day she heard a soft tapping on her door,       “Who’s there?” she asked. “I am little Raindrop.  Please let me in,” cried the visitor. “No way!” said the Rose plant angrily. Little Raindrop was very sad for being turned away. After sometime the Rose plant heard a soft rustle near the door. “Who’s there now?” she asked. “I am Sunny Sunshine,” said the new visitor. “I don’t have time for sunshine,” said the Rose plant haughtily. A few days later, the leaves of the          Rose plant turned brown in colour, and her young stem began drooping. Then one day, she heard the chirping of birds, and opened her door to see outside. It was spring and there were colourful flowers and greenery all around. The Rose plant realised her mistake. So when Rain and Sunshine returned, she      welcomed them warmly. And after a few days she had a pretty pink rose, for which she thanked the Raindrop and the Sunshine.

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