The Little Pine Tree

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In a forest grew a little pine tree. It felt quite lonely, as there were no other pine trees around and it had no friends. It also felt sad because it had long needles instead of leaves.

One night, it wished that it had leaves of gold. When it woke up in the morning, it found that the wish had come true and it had golden leaves now. The pine tree was very happy to see its gold leaves sparkling in the sunlight. Soon a woodcutter came to the forest. He plucked all the gold leaves and took them away. The pine tree was sad and wished it had leaves of glass so that no one would take them.

Next morning, its wish had been fulfilled and it had leaves of glass. The pine tree was happy again and was delighted to hear its glass leaves tinkling when the wind blew. But, there was a big storm in the afternoon and all the glass leaves shattered and fell on the ground.

The pine tree was sad again and wished it had big green leaves. The pine tree was very happy the next morning, as its wish had come true for the third time. But soon a goat came and ate each one of the leaves.

The pine tree now wished he could get his long needles back. And was very happy the next morning when it got its needles back. He thought to himself, “Gold leaves, glass leaves, and green leaves are all fine but only long needles are good for a little pine tree like me.”

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