The little mouse

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There lived a saint who had magical powers. Once a little mouse came to him and said : “Oh holy man, please save me. I am afraid of cats. With your powers change me into a cat.”

The saint whispered few hymns. All of a sudden the rat had changed into a cat. Just two days passed. The rat that was changed into a cat returned to the saint and said once again, “Oh holy man, the dogs keep chasing and bark at me. I am very scared of dogs. Please change me into a dog. The saint miraculously changed it into a dog.

A week passed. The dog, the earlier rat returned to the ashram where the saint lived and told him that he was afraid of tiger. The saint understood the situation and changed the dog into a tiger.

The tiger went to live in the forest.

One day a hunter came into the forest and tried to catch it. The tiger came running back to the saint. “Oh holy man, I am afraid of the hunter. Please change me into a hunter” it said.

The saint changed the tiger into a hunter.

But just after a few days, the hunter came to the ashram and fell at the feet of the saint and said, ” Sir, I am afraid of other people. So change me “He began to say. The saint interrupted and said, i” look, whatever form I change you into, your fear always ramains with you. So it is better you become as you were in the beginning.” Then he changed the hunter back into the mouse.

  MORAL: Fear weakens a person. 

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