The Little Lost Hedgehog

On a bright sunny day, Mrs. Hedgehog and her family of ten young hedgehogs helped each other wash clothes. Then they all sat on the grassy bank to have cool lemonade and biscuits. Mrs. Hedgehog thought, “How lucky I am to have such wonderful chil­dren.” Suddenly, she realised that Baby Hedgehog was miss­ing. Everyone started looking in the house, in the garden, in the woods, but Baby Hedge­hog could not be seen. Mrs. Hedgehog began to cry and the others cried after her. Los­ing hope, she picked up her hat. But to her astonishment, she found Baby Hedgehog fast asleep inside the hat. All the hedgehogs were happy to find Baby Hedgehog and cheered in joy. Their friends who lived nearby heard the noise and came out to share their joy too.

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