The Little Helicopter

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The little helicopter ferried office goers to the city everyday. One morning, a pilot came rushing towards her with a van full of sacks and piles of hay “Hurry up and pile these inside the chopper!” he said. “I hope she can fly with all this weight.” said another man. “Sure I can!” said the helicopter. Soon the little helicopter was flying over a village that was completely flooded. People and animals were on their rooftops screaming for help. The pilot opened the door of the helicopter. One by one the sacks fell. Then he steered the helicopter and carefully landed oil a narrow stretch of land Soon people rushed towards them They thanked them for reaching on time with food and medicines, That day, when the helicopter returned to its hanger, all die airport staff clapped and cheered it. “Good job done!” they said. The little helicopter no longer carried office goers, it became a rescue helicopter!

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