The Little Grey Donkey

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The fair had come to the village after a long time. Everyone in the village was excited about it. The elders wanted to see the big games and the children ran to enjoy the different rides. But nobody came to the donkey man for rides. Raghu the donkey man was sad. “Alas! I will not be able to make a single penny. What will I gift my wife?” wondered Raghu. He waited for the children to come to him for rides.

The little grey donkey was watching all this. He loved his master very much. “How can I help my master?” he wondered. Then an idea struck him and he started to bray loudly. All the children were surprised to hear the noise and came running to the donkey. “What is he saying?” asked one child. Raghu joyfully said, “He is saying, come, ride me and see what fun it is!” Soon Raghu had many children queuing up to ride the donkey. He was very happy and so were the children.

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