The Little Green Tractor

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The little green tractor had been working very hard all year long on the farm. He was tired and- wanted to go on a holiday. So early next morning, when the farmer was still fast asleep, the little tractor drove out of the farmyard and onto the highway. “I am on a holiday!” he squealed. “Oh, now I will relax and have a good time.” He chugged happily along, but soon entered a busy town. Cars whizzed past him and honked loudly, “Oh my, my!” thought the tractor, “the town is so noisy.” Suddenly, the vehicles around him came to a screeching halt, for the tractor had jumped a red signal! “Pheeee!” The policeman in a red suit blew his whistle so loud at him that the poor little green tractor was scared. He hurriedly turned off the main road and was back on the highway, “What a relief!” said the tractor. “My farmland is much better and I shall always stay there!” He drove quickly and came back to the farm before anyone was awake. Only Cock-a-doodle-doo saw. But he won’t tell anyone.

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