The Little Golden Fish

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Once there lived a poor fisherman and his nagging wife. One day, the fisherman went to the sea and caught a golden fish. The fish pleaded, “Oh, please let me go! I am the king of the sea! I will grant you any wish!” The fisherman was surprised to see the golden fish, and let it go. He went home and told this to his wife and she became angry. She said, “You fool! You should have asked for a new bathtub! Haven’t you seen how bad our old one is?” So, the fisherman went to the sea again and told the golden fish about his wife’s wish. When he came home, he found a brand new bathtub, but the greedy wife was not happy. She ordered, “Go to the fish again and ask him for a big house now!”

The fisherman was scared of his wife and he went to see the golden fish again. When the fish heard about the new wish he said, “I will grant you the wish because you are kind. Go, be happy!”

When the fisherman reached home, he found the wife in a palace wearing expensive clothes. But the ungrateful wife was still not satisfied and ordered, “Go find that fish right now and ask him to make me the queen of this world! Go!”

The witless fisherman ran to find the fish. However, this time, the little golden fish did not appear. Suddenly, there was a flash of lightning and a bolt of thunder. He ran home to find that the golden fish had taken back all the wishes. The fisherman realised that if he had not listened to his greedy wife, they would not have lost the bathtub or the palace and would have been very rich.

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