The Little Engine

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A little steam engine was given the task of pulling a train of cars. His wheels chugged along the iron tracks and puffed clouds of steam. After some time, the engine halted before a huge hill. “Oh now I have to climb this steep hill,” gasped the tired engine. He gathered his strength, blew the whistle, and rolled his wheels. But he failed to pull the train of cars. He looked around him and saw another steam engine standing next to him, “Please help me pull the train over the hill,” he said. “Don’t you see I have wagons full of coal to pull?” snapped the other engine. Suddenly he spotted a big engine rolling into the sidetracks. Surprisingly it did not go past him, but halted next to him. “What happened?” enquired the engine. When the little engine explained his problem, the new engine went and stood behind the train. Together they sang, “We can, we shall,” and slowly went up the hill. The little engine thanked the new engine and went home whistling merrily.

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