The Lion

King Leopard happily ruled over his Kingdom.

However, one day, a Lion Cub was born in a distant part of the Kingdom. The Leopard felt sorry because the poor cub had no father. But the Prime Minister, the Fox, knew that when the Lion Cub grew up, there would be trouble. Lions always respect friendship and never fight needlessly with other animals. So, he advised the Leopard, “It is wise to be friendly with the Lion Cub to control his power.”

King Leopard did not listen. Many years passed. The Cub grew into a big Lion! He was brave, watchful and clever. He began to show his power. The Fox begged the Leopard again, “Before he destroys us fully, please        give  the Lion a part of the Kingdom, some oxen and other animals to feed on. We can live safely in the other part of the Kingdom.”

“No, I will not give him any part of my Kingdom!” the Leopard again refused the Fox’s advice.

Very soon, the Lion became so powerful that he slowly won the Leopard’s Kingdom and became King, instead!

If there is a strong person in your life, make sure he is your friend!

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