The Lion and the Goat

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ll the animals of the forest were suffering from heat on a hot summer’s day. There was no water anywhere!

A Lion and a Goat were in search of water. Both of them reached a pond at the same time to quench their thirst.

The Lion said to the Goat, “I came to the pond first, so I will drink water, first.” The Goat said the same thing and they both started to quarrel.

A flock of Vultures was flying above the pond. They were waiting for the fight to end, so that they could feast on the loser.

The Lion and the Goat fought for some time. None of them gave up. After a while, they stopped to take breath and noticed two Vultures on a rock. They heard them talking to each other,

“The Lion and the Goat will fight and die. We will then

eat them.”

The Goat said to the Lion, “Let us not fight,

anymore, Mighty Lion! It is better to become friends and drink water, than fight and become food for the Vultures.” The Lion agreed.

In times of need, talking to enemies can get you out of the problem.

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