The Lion and the Gnat

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One afternoon, a Lion had just finished his meal and decided to take his afternoon nap. The Lion had just closed his eyes, when a Gnat saw him.

Now, this Gnat, though active and young, was also haughty and over-confident. He was extremely daring and he attacked the Lion. The Lion was very angry and woke up with a start. But the Gnat did not stop. He kept stinging the Lion’s nose, eyes and ears. The Lion roared in pain. He tried to crush the Gnat but all his attempts went in vain The Gnat had no pity on the poor beast.

At last, the poor Lion la exhausted and bleeding on the ground. The Gnat, extremely pleased on his victory over the King of the Forest, hovered over the spot, praising himself and feeling joyful. His pleasure blinded him so much, that while flying, he suddenly got stuck in a Spider-web. No matter how much he tried, the Gnat could not escape.

Thus, the Gnat who had defeated the mighty Lion became the prey of the Spider.

If we hurt someone, we will be hurt, too!

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