Once, a Lion sat thinking by himself. He had sharp, strong claws and teeth and was a beast with immense strength. Yet, whenever he heard a Cock crowing, he would be extremely scared.

The Lion, thus, complained, “Can a life like this be worth living? I am one of the strongest and the bravest and yet, a lowly creature, such as, a Cock has the power to rob my life of its charm by simply crowing!”

Just then, a huge Elephant came along, flapping his ears to and fro, with an air of great concern. “What troubles you so?” asked the Elephant.

The Lion thought of sharing his grief with the Elephant and asked him, “Can anything harm a beast like you who has tremendous bulk and strength?” The Elephant replied, “Do you see this little Gnat? If he ever stings the innermost parts of my ear, I will go mad with pain.”

The Lion understood that even the strongest creatures have weak points. He gained self-confidence and decided never to let troubles overshadow his joys in life.

We all have weak points. Instead of complaining about them, we should focus on the pleasant things in life.

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