The Lion and the Dolphin

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A lion saw a dolphin playing in the sea. Seeing it frolicking among the mighty waves, he was impressed by the dolphin’s power. He called out, “Let us be friends since I’m the king of beasts on the land while you are the ruler of the sea creatures.” The dolphin happily agreed and they became good friends.

One day a wild bull attacked the lion. They fight continued for a long time as the bull was very strong. The lion was tiring and called out to the dolphin for help but the dolphin was unable to help.

The lion eventually defeated the bull. He went to the dolphin and said, “What kind of friend are you? I needed help and you did not bother to come.” The dolphin explained to the lion, “Nature has made me powerful in the sea but I am helpless on land. You are so powerful but will be able to save me from danger in the sea?” The lion realised his mistake and the two remained friends.

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