The Lion and the Boar

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On a hot summer afternoon, a lion and a boar felt very thirsty. While looking for water to quench their thirst, they came to a well to drink water, but reached there at the same time. They quarrelled as to who would drink water first. Soon the quarrel turned into a violent fight and they started hurting each other.

The fight continued for a long time. Both of them were badly wounded but they continued fighting. At one point, they stopped to catch their breath and saw two hungry vultures sitting above them on a tree.

The vultures were looking at them and were waiting for them to kill each other, so that they could come down and feed on their bodies. This sight made the lion and the boar realise the uselessness of their fight.

They at once made up saying, “It is wiser for us to become friends rather than be eaten up by vultures and crows.”

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