The Lazy Spinner

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A spinner had a very lazy wife. Instead of completing her work, she often left the materials all entangled on the spinning wheel. When her husband scolded her for the mess, she fought with him.

She tried various tricks so that she didn’t have to work but failed every time. One day, she had an idea and decided to settle the score once and for all.

Now, fresh yarn, when boiled for too long, can lose itsfirmness and break into threads. To deceive her husband, she gathered some threads and put them for boiling. Then she instructed her husband to take care of the yarn for if it boils for too long, it will turn into fibre. Then she pretended that she had urgent work and left.

After some time the man came to see the yarn, but he found threads instead. He thought it was due to his neglect that the yarn had been spoilt and swore not to ever spin again.

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