The Last Pearl

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Once a beautiful newborn baby girl lay in a room.

The guardian angel of the house and the good angel of the baby watched as the fairies of health, wealth. and love came and gave their pearls as gifts to the newborn baby and blessed the child. The baby had been blessed with everything it could ever want—good health, wealth and love.

The guardian angel said, “All the fairies have come, but one fairy remains.” The good angel asked, “Who is it? Let us go to her and ask her to give her pearl.”

The guardian angel took the good angel to a house in which lay a dead woman. Her family was in sorrow. The angels went to a fairy sitting in the corner of the room.

The guardian angel said to the good angel, “This is the fairy who is yet to give the last pearl. She is the fairy of sorrow.

“The gift of sorrow gives meaning to the other gifts of life.”

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