The Lamp

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An old street lamp had shone and given light for twenty-four years. But this was his last day of work. He was to retire today. Next day, he would be taken in front of the mayor who would decide his fate. He would either serve in a village or in a factory or would be melted down in an iron foundry.

He remembered all the things he had seen from the post. He would certainly miss the watchman who had joined duty the night he was put up on the post. The watchman’s wife would clean him and give him oil every day. With all these happy thoughts and memories, he sighed and went off to sleep.

To his surprise, the next night he found himself burning in the watchman’s house. The watchman had begged the mayor to allow him to keep the lamp.

The old lamp was very happy for he could now live with the watchman’s family forever.

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