The King Who Wanted a Beautiful Wife

A king wanted to marry a maiden as fair and bright as daylight. He ordered his servant to find such a maiden.

Searching high and low, finally the servant arrived at a small house. An old woman, who used to spin wool, lived there. The servant knocked at the door and asked for some water. The old woman handed out a pitcher through a hole in the door. With all the spinning, her hands had become soft and white. When the servant saw them, he thought that she must be a very beautiful maiden to have such soft and gentle hands. He took her to the king.

The old woman put a thick veil and went to the palace. When she removed her veil, the king was surprised to see such an old ugly woman. He threw her out of the palace. A fairy took pity on the old woman and made her young again. In the morning when the king saw her, he fell in love with her and married her.

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