The King, the Kite and the Falconer

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Once, a Falconer lived in a kingdom. He went to the forest, every day, to catch birds and sell them. One day, he saw a rare Kite. The Kite was magnificent and strong. But the Falconer was lucky and captured the Kite, while it was taking a nap in its nest.

The Falconer decided to gift the precious bird to the King.

`If I give this Kite to the King, he might give me a reward,’ the Falconer thought. When the Kite was taken to the King, it flew and sat on his nose. The people in the King’s court could not control their laughter at the funny sight. The King remained silent. He could not scream or shout.

“Come here, you silly bird! That is no place to sit,” cried the Falconer. He was afraid of being punished. The Kite refused to move.

“I will beat you, black and blue if you don’t move!” warned the Falconer.

The Kite still did not move.

Finally, the King announced, “Kite, you are free to go. You are no longer a prisoner of the Falconer.”

Hearing this, the Kite left the King’s nose and flew away to its freedom.

Freedom is precious to all creatures.

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