The King and His Hawk

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Once upon a time a king was crossing the sultry desert. His pet hawk was perched on his shoulders as usual. The hot sun made him thirsty and he went to look for a stream. Luckily, he chanced upon a fountain not very far. He knelt down and was about to drink the water, when suddenly the hawk swooped down and pecked his hand. The king was very surprised at this odd behavior of his pet. He stooped down to drink the water again. But the hawk pecked his hand again. In a fit of rage, the thirsty king drew his sword and killed the hawk. When he stooped down, something glistened in the water. It was a fierce poisonous snake. The single sip of that water would have killed him. He now understood what the hawk had been trying to do. He sat beside the dead hawk and moaned, “I have lost you because of my impatience. All you were trying to do was to save my life!”

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