The Just Punishment

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A farmer once owned a fertile piece of land that reaped huge harvests. He was well off but very mean. He left his poor parents to fend for themselves. When they approached him for money and food, he refused. “Go away I have nothing to spare,” he said. The old couple turned sadly away. On their way back, they met a midget who gave them a large chunk of cheese and some herbs to eat. When they ate the herb and the cheese something magical happened. The skies thundered and a huge storm swept through the town. Instead of their small hut, there stood a huge mansion. The couple was amazed at this and went at once to share the good news with their son. When they reached the farm they found their son lamenting his fate. The fertile land was no longer there. Instead it lay covered with stones

and rubble. “The storm swept away everything I had!” he cried. The parents consoled their son and took him home with them.

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