The Journey to the Moon


Once upon a time there lived an engine driver. He longed to go for a joy ride to the moon.

And one day, his wish was indeed fulfilled. His train got wings and he flew off to the moon. The driver saw the houses and trees getting smaller as the train soared higher and higher in the sky. “I am going to the moon!” he shouted with joy.

As the whistle blew and the train chugged on the moon, the people of the moon came out to catch a glimpse of this strange object. The driver stopped the train and asked them to board it. Surprised, they mounted the train and the wheels rolled again.

As the train zigzagged from one end of the moon to the other, the people on the moon jumped with joy and clapped their hands in glee.

Suddenly, the driver heard the sound of a bell. He woke up startled and realised that he had been sleeping and his journey to the moon had been just a beautiful dream.

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