The Jinn in the Bottle

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There was a jinn who could change his shape and cast spells on people. But one day the jinn misbehaved, so his master put him in a bottle and threw him into the sea. A passing fisherman had cast his net and when he pulled it in he saw the bottle. Feeling sorry for the jinn, the fisherman let it out.

Immediately the jinn became as big as a mountain and threatened to kill the fisherman. The fisherman pretended to be puzzled and said, “I know you can make yourself big but I doubt whether you can make yourself tiny.” “Of course I can,” roared the genie. “So small that you can get into this bottle?” asked the fisherman. The genie immediately shrank to the size of a fly. “But I doubt you could get into that bottle,” scoffed the fisherman. No sooner had he said that then the genie entered the bottle and the fisherman plugged the bottle shut and tossed it the sea.

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