The hunter and the bear

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Kalaiah was a hunter. He was very brave. Not that he hunted tigers or bears. He was good at talking about them. When somebody met him he used to say “look, last night I hunted a bear in a thick forest. Actually the bear gazed at me. I had no fear. I told the bear to be ready to go to heaven. I killed it in no time.” That’s what Kalaiah was doing.”

Some people do when they know that they have to talk and talk only and could do nothing more than that.

Once Kalaiah while he was searching for a bear in a forest he met a woodcutter and asked  him, “My dear friend, do you have any idea,  where I can find the foot prints of a bear ?”

The wood cutter was pleased.

“Why not ? plenty of them,” he said, “Follow me to the bear’s den.”

The hunter Kalaiah was upset.

“No… No ! friend. Thank you. It is not necessary.” Kalaiah began to shake with fear,

” I am looking only for bear tracks.”

The wood cutter laughed and went.

MORAL: Does boasting help anyone? 

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