The Heron

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One day, a beautiful Heron was walking by the side of the river. He had a long slender neck, which held his long sharp beak as a weapon to pierce through the fish. The river was full of a variety of fish like the Carp, the Pike, the Tench and many more. It was so easy to catch fish there that the Heron could have made great profits if he were in the fishing trade!

The Heron, however, did not find those fish suitable for eating. ‘What are Carp or Pike or Tench for a Heron! I can’t eat such mean little fish,” said the Heron. He, then, saw a Snail approaching and got furious at its sight. “I will never open my beak if the Gods offer me such miserable food,” he said, proudly.

After some time, the fish in the river died, from some mysterious disease. The Heron did not get a single fish to eat now He got very hungry and wished he could get anything to eat. So much so, that the once fussy Heron was happy to see a snail and quietly ate it!

If you are proud and choosy in life, you may lose even the simple things.

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