The Hen and the fox

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Once a hen was pecking some grains in a field. The hen was alone in the field. Nobody was there nearby. A fox which was passing by saw the hen. The hen was quite stout. The fox wanted to eat the hen. It was hungry also. It went up to the hen and said.
“My dear hen. Oh! how fine you are looking today. Your face is so beautiful. After a long period I heard your voice. Your voice is so sweet. What a wonderful sight it is to see you with your sweet voice?”
The hen turned its face and saw the fox. It believed the flattery of the fox. The hen closed its eyes and started crowing loudly “Kho Kho Kho.” The moment the hen started crowing, the fox jumped on it and caught hold of it by its neck and ran into the forest.
The fox was running. Some hunting dogs chased it. The fox heard the barking of the dogs and soon it ran faster with hen still in its mouth. The hen got on idea. It said to the fox, “Oh! fox, actually the dogs are not chasing you. They want to eat me. You just stop and tell them you caught me first.”
The fox believed what the hen said. It turned towards the dogs and opened its mouth to tell what the hen has told it. It was the chance for hen to run away. It jumped out of the fox’s mouth and flew up a tree. The hunting dogs tore the fox into pieces.

MORAL: Cleverness saves you even in the face of death.

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