The Hen and the Cat

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Once upon a time, there lived some Hens and a Cat on a poultry farm. The Hens were scared of the Cat, since, she was known to eat hens and chickens.

One day, one of the Hens fell ill. She could not move around and sat in her nest, the entire day. The Cat heard about the sick Hen and thought to herself, ‘The sick Hen will be weak. I can easily catch her and eat her for lunch.’

The Cat visited the sick Hen and said, “How are you feeling, dear friend? Is there anything I can do for you?”

The Cat continued to say, “If you need anything or any help, please let me

know, dear Hen. Keep your spirits high and do not worry about your health.”

The Hen was scared that the Cat was trying to get close to her by asking her well-being. Fearing her death, the Hen said to the Cat, “Thank you for your concern. You are the only thing I fear. If you will be kind enough to stay away from me, I will soon feel better.”

Uninvited guests are welcome to leave!

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