The Hedge and the Vineyard

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nce, there was a rich Man who owned large wine estates. He had ayoung careless Son who never helped him with work. The Man tried various methods to make his Son work but, all were wasted.

One day, the Man died and the possession of the large estate came to his foolish young Son. The Boy had never been to the estate and did not know how to take care of it.

One day, while taking a walk in his vineyards, the Boy saw the hedges surrounding the vineyards. He looked at them and said to himself, ‘These hedges are a waste. They do not grow any grapes. Let me clear them off.’

The Boy asked his servants to clear the hedges.

The inexperienced Boy did not know that the hedges were to protect the vineyards from other men and beasts.

One night, after he cleared the hedges, the beasts ran into his vineyards and ate all the vines. Some grapes were also stolen by other people.

The next morning, the boy was shocked to see his ruined vineyards. He realised that the hedges were there to protect his vineyards!

It is important to protect what we possess.

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