The Hawk and the Pigeons

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A flock of Pigeons had made their dovecote around a lush green field. The field had another frequent visitor, a Hawk. All the Pigeons lived in the fear of the Hawk. They always lived on the alert. Every time, there was an attack by the Hawk, all the Pigeons hid themselves in their dovecote.

The Hawk found himself in a miserable position. He was not able to kill any Pigeon for his food. Finally, he thought of using a cunning trick to trap the Pigeons.

One morning, the Hawk called out to the Pigeons from far, “You all live a life of anxiety and fear. I can keep you safe from the attack of the falcons and the kites. All you have to do is, make me your King and I will not bother you any more.”

The innocent Pigeons believed the Hawk. They discussed among themselves and made the cunning Hawk their King. But, after a few days the Hawk began his royal feast.

He demanded to eat a Pigeon a day.

“It serves us right to believe the evil Hawk,” said all the grief-stricken Pigeons whose chances were yet to come.

Some remedies are worse than the disease, itself.

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