The Hawk and the Nightingale

A hungry Hawk had spent his entire day searching for food but had found nothing. In the evening, just before he was about to go home, he saw a Nightingale sitting on the branch of a tree.

He thought, ‘Finally, I will not have to go to sleep hungry.’

The Hawk flew down to the tree and caught the Nightingale tightly in his claws and flew to a rock. The Nightingale was terrified in the Hawk’s clutches. She said to the Hawk, “Great Hawk, I sing very sweetly. I will sing beautiful songs for you. Kindly spare my life.” The Hawk replied, “Oh no! No┬ámusic can sound pleasing on an empty stomach!”

The Nightingale said again, “Oh Mighty Hawk, please do not kill me. I am such a tiny bird. I will not be able to satisfy your hunger.”

The Hawk smiled wickedly and said, “It is better to have something in my stomach then not have anything at all. Besides, a little bird I have is more important to me than a bigger one I have not caught.”

Saying this, the Hawk swallowed the Nightingale in one gulp!

It is useless to plead before the cruel enemy!

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