One day, a hawk saw a pretty hen and fell in love with her and wanted to marry her. The hen agreed at once and they decided to get engaged. While leaving, the hawk gave her a ring and flew away. Now the hen had also agreed to marry a cock. When the cock saw her wearing the ring, he was angry and told her he would kill her if she married the hawk. Frightened, the hen immediately removed the ring and threw it away.

After a few days when the hawk returned to marry the hen, he noticed that the ring was no longer on her finger. The hen came up with the excuse that a snake had snatched it from her and she was still looking for it.

The hawk watched her closely and knew that she was lying. He said, “As a punishment for your deception you shall keep scratching this earth till you find the ring.”

Since that day, hens have the habit of scratching the ground.

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