The Hare's Friends

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A hare had many friends. One day, she heard some hounds approaching, but she thought her friends would definitely save her. She first went to the horse for help but he declined to carry the hare on his back saying that he had important work to do for his master.

The hare was sure that his other friends would help him. The bull said, “I’m sorry. I have an appointment with a lady but am sure the goat will help you.” But the goat feared that her back might hurt. And the ram was scared that the hounds would eat him up.

Finally, the hare requested the calf to rescue him, but the calf did not want to do something which the elders had declined to do. By then the hounds were very near. The hare took to her heels and fled.

The hare had learnt her lesson. One good friend is worth many false friends.

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