The Hare's Bride

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A woman and her daughter grew many cabbages in their garden. A hare used to eat up all the cabbages.
One day, the girl went up to the hare and told him to keep away from the cabbages. He replied, “First, sit on my little tail and come to my little hut.” She refused to listen to him. The same thing happened the next day.
The third time, the girl agreed to do as the hare demanded. When they reached the hut, he asked her to cook green cabbage and millet seed for their wedding as he intended to marry her.
The girl was very sad and did not wish to marry the hare. She locked herself inside the kitchen and sat in a corner and wept.
Suddenly, she had an idea. She dressed a straw doll in her clothes, put a spoon in its hand and placed it by the pan. When she found the hare busy in his work, she silently escaped and found her way back home.

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