The Hare and the Porcupines

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A porcupine went to the market to buy vegetables. He was walking very slowly as all porcupines do when he met a hare.

The hare made fun of him saying, “Look how slowly you walk!” The porcupine replied, “I am slow, but I can still beat you in a race!” “Fine!” said the hare, ” If you win, I will give you a penny!”

The clever porcupine went home and told his brother about the race and they thought of a plan to fool the hare.

The race began and the hare ran as fast as he could. But when he reached the finish line, he found the porcupine waiting for him saying, “Slowpoke! Look how fast I can run!”

The hare had lost the race. He was amazed that the porcupine had won and meekly gave the porcupine a penny. He did not know that there were two porcupines in the race. One had started with him and the other had been waiting at the finish line!

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