The Greedy Dragon

Once, in a big castle, there lived four little mice. Bore was the eldest while Yoba was the youngest. Daily traders brought loaves of bread, nuts, and cheese to the castle. “I am the oldest so I will get the biggest piece!” declared Boret. Jilma and Hargon came next. “I never get anything!” wailed Yoba. One day, no trader came. ‘A big dragon is blocking their path,” panted Squiggly the squirrel. Boret said, “What shall we do? We have to find a way out.” Yoba replied, “I have an idea, but if it is successful then you must promise me that you will always divide the food equally… All of them agreed. The mice collected many jars of jam and took them to the dragon’s cave. The dragon ate them all and had a terrible stomach ache. He clutched his stomach and groaned, “Oh, I am dying.” The mice were hiding nearby. Yoba shouted from the hideout, If you go A the mountains, you will never have it stomach ache again.- The dragon believed them and we away. The traders began coming again and the mice were very happy.

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